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We Take The Hassle Out Of HR

Due to a lack of time and resources, a busy hotel can often experience a lack of coherent HR policies and procedures, which in turn can expose an organisation to costly litigation and insurance claims.

With this in mind, PREM Hospitality’s experienced and qualified human resources department have developed a series of support services to manage the HR function.

Our approach here is simple – HR systems should not be complicated. Once the foundations are established the day to day work required should be minimal. Our service includes:


  • An audit of employee files to establish level of administrative work required eg: seeking recruitment histories, employment contracts, variations to terms and conditions of employment, job descriptions, performance reviews, etc.
  • A review of pay rates to ensure compliance with legislation
  • Training needs analysis. Establishing if there are gaps to be filled in order to ensure compliance with legislative training requirements and to reduce risk of health & safety related insurance claims
  • Review of standard documents and written company policy eg: handbooks, contract templates, disciplinary, grievance procedures, use of company equipment etc
  • Review of policy relating to records of attendance including adherence to working time, annual leave etc


Qualified and experienced trainers can deliver training in the following areas:

  • Certified Manual Handling Training
  • Customer Care
  • Complaint handling
  • Training skills
  • Recruitment & selection skills
  • Employment legislation


As the external environment changes so too is there a need to consider changes to internal structure. This may involve changing roles, amalgamating roles, introducing new positions or changing working hours.

Negotiating these changes can be a difficult thing to do while simultaneously maintaining a positive, focused workforce and staying on the right side of the law.

Our human resource support service can assist you by looking at your unique situation, contemplating the options with you and consider how you might introduce change whiles minimising negative sentiment in the workplace and reducing exposure to employment related legal action.