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Our Integrated marketing specialists can help you promote your property through multiple strategies that work together and reinforce your communications. These strategies can incorporate multiple types of media types such as online, digital, offline, outdoor, print and broadcast channels.

Our team can thoroughly analyse and determine your property’s target audience and address the needs of your customer. Since there are more marketing channels now than ever before and different channels can be led and directed by different people, an Integrated marketing strategy helps bring a property’s brand message points together. This is especially true today, when customers are being disrupted with so many communications, an integrated marketing strategy relays one clear message about your property, regardless of the channel. 

will conduct a full review of the hotel’s market segments and make recommendations for growth across all relevant markets. Our network of sales people spans Ireland, UK and Continental Europe and we can provide valuable leads and networking opportunities with companies you could not otherwise access on a stand alone basis. We offer comprehensive support in all markets.


  • Full review of corporate sales procedures and systems
  • Review of top companies, rates, volumes
  • Implement systems to generate more repeat business
  • Improving and enhancing marketing collateral
  • GDS review (if present)



  • Review of pricing
  • Analysis of competitor set
  • Identify how the property is marketed
  • Recommendations for generating more revenue


  • Analyse numbers of weddings booked and trends for future months/years
  • Full review of wedding product, menus, marketing collateral, budgets etc
  • Review of wedding contracts, terms and conditions
  • Review hotel’s presence online as a wedding destination
  • Recommendations for increasing the number of weddings booked


Assistance in driving more business to the hotel from the leisure market, with a focus on doing so via digital marketing efforts as well as traditional marketing.

We have the tools to track, show and report on the success.


Branding is not just about the aesthetics (logo, fonts, colors) of a property.

It’s about creating a connection with your customer, generating customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing a solution to their needs. In its essence, branding is a problem-solver.

Our team of experts can help you clearly deliver your property’s message, confirming your brand’s credibility in the marketplace, emotionally connect target prospects with your property services and ultimately motivate the consumer to make a purchase. 

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